Can you briefly explain a little bit about Chinese pharmacology, Chinese medical massage, qi gong, and Chinese dietary therapy?

Chinese pharmacology focuses on administering herbs for a condition. There is a set number of about 360 herbs that consist of plants, minerals, sometimes animals that are studied extensively in addition to over 100 classic formulas (consisting of more than 2 herbs combined for a specific purpose)

Chinese medical massage uses techniques involving hands, fingers, sometimes forearms and elbows to help relax muscles and open meridians. Generally it is used after an acupuncture treatment.

Qi gong is a form of creating energy with specific movements combined with breath. There are some people who study medical qi gong extensively because of how powerful it can be.

Chinese dietary therapy uses food as medicine. Eating specific foods and eliminating other foods help to bring about health of the body. There are many conditions that dietary therapy is very useful, especially when used in conjunction with acupuncture or herbal therapy.

Lori Earley