Does Acupuncture Hurt?

At River Oaks Wellness Center, great care is used to purchase the finest quality needles. They are FDA approved and are branded to be on the ‘quest to painless’. One way to describe getting acupuncture is like getting a hair plucked or a slight pinch. Many times, you may not even realize a needle has been put in. One thing to understand is that we don’t come in contact with needles this thin in our day to day lives. A sewing needle is much thicker than an acupuncture needle. A safety pin is twice as thick as a sewing needle. And the needles that so many of us are accustomed to fear from the doctor's office, are actually ten to twelve times thicker than those used for acupuncture.

One way to conquer a fear of needles is to get a trial acupuncture treatment. Trial acupuncture treatments generally consist of two needles inserted shallowly. With just two needles, you can begin to feel relaxation come over your body and can also feel what it’s like to get a mini acupuncture treatment.

Lori Earley