How often do I need acupuncture?

This number really depends. It depends on your age, fitness level, health, diet, extent of your condition, length you’ve had your condition and the amount of conditions you have. For some people, all they need is two treatments and they’re ‘fixed’ for a year. For others, they may receive 4 or 5 treatments, but don’t follow through with the suggested amount of sessions and they end up with the same problem again.

A general rule of thumb is to see how you respond after a few treatments. After the initial series of appointments you will review with your acupuncturist how you feel and at what level you are still experiencing issues. This will give the acupuncturist an idea about how many more sessions you will need to finish your treatment.

Also, treatment comes in phases. The first phase is primary phase. Primary phase you bring the problem to very miniscule levels. For example, if you come in for back pain on a scale of 8/10, you get the pain the go down to a consistent 1 or 2/10. In the acute phase, you probably will be getting sessions more frequently.

The secondary phase is maintaining and even improving the condition to where it is either barely noticeable or inexistent. At this point the treatments are spaced out.

In the third phase, otherwise known as maintenance phase, you come in every month or even longer to keep your body in stable condition.

Every case is different, so every recommendation for treatment is different. Work with your acupuncturist's recommendations.  

Lori Earley